Online Auction

Become a Paid Register Member

To actually participate in the auction you have to become a member of pickndrive.

Browse the auctions and select your car

At our home page on left side you will see the links of auctions that will held on that particular day of a week. From these links you will also view the cars with complete their complete details that will be placed in the auction. By clicking all the auctions link in the left side bar you will get to the page of complete auction names of that are held in Japan.

By clicking any auction you will get the vehicles that will display in auction. With powerful search facility in Car Auction link you will search your required car through filters of model years from and to, Mileage the car has travelled, CC, Color and lot number.

Send the Online Bid Request to Us

All you have to do is send us the bid request by bidding your favorite car through our website, by just pressing the button of bid online. After receiving your request our representatives will participate in the actual bid on behalf of you.

Won the Bid

if you won the bid you should procced to next step

Lose the bid

if you lose the bid you cant continue with this bid

Pay full Payment

You will have to deposit the full payment of your car within one week. This full payment will include the bid price of car, car purchase tax, auction tax, inland freight, documents preparation, ocean freight, any service you want.

Shipment of Car

Please Note That We provide only export facility from the Japan and do not Serve to Local Customers. We will ship the car as early as possible to your specified sea port across the world. Since we are in auto business from 1997, so we have developed a long term relationship with freight forwarders and will give you low freight charges.

Dispatch of Original Documents Via Courier

We will email you the scanned copy of original documents like Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Export Certificate and other related documents. We will courier you the original documents as the ship leave the port from Japan.

Receive your car

With the highly efficient online system you will check the status of your car just after the car is transferred from the auction to our warehouse. Through this system you will see the actual images of car, Car Report, Chasis Number, Color of Car, Expected date of departure, Expected date of Arrival and scanned copy of original documents like Commercial Invoice and Export Certificate. We give log in of this admin side to every client.