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Month of Production
A1 Small Scratch auction sheet guide
A2 Small Scratch
A3 Big Scratch
B - Dent with scratch
E1 Few Dimples
E2 Several Dimples
E3 Many Dimples
U1 Small Dent
U2 Dent
U3 Big Dent  
W1 Repair Mark/Wave (hardly detectable)
W2 Repair Mark/Wave
W3 Obvious Repair Mark/Wave (needs to be repainted)
S1 Rust
S2 Heavy Rust
C1 Corrosion
C2 Heavy Corrosion
P - Paint marked
H - Paint faded
X Need to be replaced
XX Replaced
B1 Distortion on (radiator) core support or back panel (approximately size of a thumb)
B2 Big Distortion on (radiator) core support or back panel
Y1 Small Hole or Crack
Y2 Hole or Crack
Y3 Big Hole or Crack
X1 Small Crack on Windshield (approximately 1cm)
R Repaired Crack on Windshield
RX Repaired Crack on Windshield (needs to be replaced)
X Crack on Windshield (needs to be replaced)
G - Stone chip in glass
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  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Chassis #
  • Make
  • Model
  • Status
  • Model Code
  • Displacement
  • Interior Color
  • Exterior Color
  • Steering
  • Transmission
  • Fuel:
  • Seats:
  • Repaired
  • Drive Type:
  • Auction Date:
  • Time:
  • Auction Status:
  • Auction Grade:
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